Server worked during last half year thanks to exploit that Apple didn’t fixed long time. Apple developers just forgot to add letter ‘S’ to HTTP url that brings as to help page. It allowed to redirect page to iCloud DNS Bypass. But now Apple fixed it to HTTPS, what means it become encrypted and impossible to redirect anymore. No longer works on all iOS.

I have work at great features that now become impossible. If apple didn’t patch exploit, than you would receive full featured offline mode with ability to open photos, videos, music, books from device memory. I invite everyone to use Captive Portal. Today I’ll copy all menu in there, but functions is limited. You won’t be able to take photos anymore.

Follow this instructions to use Captive Portal:

  • Disconnect from Wi-Fi and remove the profile
  • Restart the device
  • Before connecting to Wi-Fi, enter one of the Regional DNS server address
  • Click the back button and wait for 5 seconds
  • Connect to Wi-Fi and enter the password

Captive Portal appears as a browser window with buttons back and forward.