All started from my iCloud locked iPhone 5C that was bought by me for parts. But it was worked, except iCloud Activation lock. I wanted to unlock it and use as photo camera so I have searched ways to do it.

I have been waiting Doulci bypass very long time, I have even set up alarm to wake up at night and don’t miss up their server registration. But it was useless and a lot of time spent in nerves waiting.

During search of bypass I have found some proxy-servers that allow to use device and browse few pages. But those servers was everyday offline because overload, and they change IP address to often to be able to use it.

Some day I decided to develop own solution, and in one evening I have developed DNS server and HTTP server on C++. I have connected my locked iPhone and started searching bugs by myself.

During searching bugs, I have read iOS files and found information that can’t be found in Internet. At least I have collected all information and become understanding how iOS activation screen works.

The server menu that you can see now is not just web pages, it is generated by special script language that uses by Apple only. And using it I have build interface from native elements, it looks like usual iOS settings dialog.

I was first in the world who found way to open web pages on iPad in full screen mode, and also I solve problem with external link browsing that presists in all proxy servers I tried.

Now you can see results of my work that I have published for free. Now you have usefull ui that makes Internet browsing easy. And there is more than 100K devices connected now.

Thanks to my programming skills and years of my experience with C++ development, this server code optimized to work even on heavy load without delays and it was never loaded even 5%.

I have also developed a local DNS server that allows you to bypass the restrictions of some Internet providers.

About me

My name is July Ighor.

I’m just a developer from Ukraine, who have some experience, which gives me an advantage and increases the probability of finding full iCloud Activation lock bypass. But I can’t tell exactly date when bypass will be found, also I’ll not lie to you about some % of work done, because there can’t be any % or known ETA. It just have state done or not, and currently it not. Also I can’t grant you guaranties, I’ll just keep working on it until done.

Once full bypass found, this server will not be needed any more, but if it faild, than it will be good thing that will allow you to use device and wait full bypass. Thats why I have decided to work on full bypass and iCloud DNS Bypass server at same time.

Analysis of the data that transmitted during activation unlock and my experience with encryption makes me to apprecicate the high level of iOS activation protection. And I think the only one way to remove iCloud Activation lock is iOS and Apple servers bugs. And I’m searching some.

I’m always tell only that things that I’m sure exactly. And I’ll don’t give you promises that will never be released. And I’m telling you now that bypass method is not exists yet.

I have a lot of ideas that will be tested by me, but some tests takes long time. I have already some very interesting results of my tests, but I can’t publish them yet. Because in the world there is many scammers and people who will steal my ideas and publish it as their. You should agree that it not fair.

I can tell you that I have something really great to show you, and once I’ll be sure that noone will steal it from me, I’ll publish it.


Now there is a lot of scammers who selling iCloud locked devices and don’t tell it to buyers, also there is a lot of people who sell fake iCloud Activation Bypass services and steal money from buyers.

I sincerely hope that my server will help to desperate people to find the strength and patience to wait full bypass on iCloud Dns Bypass server and do not be gotten by scammers.

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iCloud DNS Bypass is now accepting Donations

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