I have started to accept donations

The money will go to support server and development of special Web sites that working only on iCloud locked devices, such as an alarms and a clock, for example.

The server is located in Ukraine, and if you are fare from Ukraine than you affected by delays. I’ll collect funds to start dedicated servers in different countries, and they will significantly accelerate its work in specific regions.

Also I’ll buy a few iCloud locked devices, it will help me to make tests faster, so it will help to find full bypass faster. Now I have only one device that is iCloud locked iPhone 5C on which I’m testing everything I made.

Because of server popularity now I have some influence and trust, and I’ll use it for searching a trusted sources that can remove iCloud Activation lock officially. I want to find Apple employee who will want to cooperate and who able to remove iCloud Activation lock from devices by direct access to Apple databases. I’ll guarantee anonymously to this person. The funds received from donations will be used to verify some paid methods and approve or decline them publically.

All donations will be used to:

  • Purchase some iCloud locked devices that will be used for faster bug searching.
  • Starting dedicated servers in different countries to improve performance.
  • Development of specific web applications that make iCloud Locked devices life easier.
  • Check some paid services in order to prove or disprove their work.
  • Also I’ll leave some for personal usage, as grant for my development, my work and my time.

If you like my work and you are want to be grateful for the server, or if you want to help me to accelerate the searching of full bypass method than send me Donate.

Write your e-mail in transactions notes. Perhaps in the future you will be granted some exclusive premium features.

Here are ways to transfer funds:


Unfortunately, PayPal does not work in Ukraine
Bitcoin Website


Bitcoin Website

SWIFT Bank Transfer