• iCloud Freedom

Welcome to iCloud Freedom project

My name is Ighor July, last few month I was with you from time when iCloud DNS Bypass started. During that time I knew very many new interesting information, most important that I have received real proofs that iCloud removal is real.

2015-04-10|Categories: News|29 Comments
  • cyber-attack

iCloud DNS Bypass server was attacked from Poland

The last few days we have an attack with large amount of requests, more than 7k per second from 1579 different IP addresses. This resulted in 80% server load, but no one noticed, everything works as before.

2015-03-26|Categories: News|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , |12 Comments
  • NewTheme

Added new theme to iCloud DNS Bypass

Today added a new interface theme. Now all icons in high resolution. New look, new feel.

2015-03-14|Categories: News|26 Comments
  • 300k devices

More than 300k devices is now connected to iCloud DNS Bypass!

Our community is constantly growing, only two weeks ago, there were 200k, and now more than 300k devices connected to iCloud DNS Bypass.

2015-03-13|Categories: News|31 Comments
  • Captive Portal

Captive Portal is ready for testing and searching bugs

While waiting for news from the unlock source, we have some things to do. As some of you already noticed, I added a Captive Portal.

2015-03-12|Categories: News|420 Comments
  • BanEN

You can see “Banned forever” if you scammer

Scammers will receive a surprise now. If you one of them, then you may get message "Banned forever".

2015-03-03|Categories: News|10 Comments