• More-than-200K-devices-is-now-connected-to-iCloud-DNS-Bypass-server

More than 200k devices is now connected to iCloud DNS Bypass!

Was not much time gone, only 2 month, and we have already more than 200k devices connected to iCloud DNS Bypass server! Thanks to all who support us and sent donations.

2015-02-26|Categories: News|14 Comments
  • we-are-under-ddos-attack

We are under DDoS attack

We are now under large DDoS attack, more than 2.5Gbit/s. We expect service to return to normal very shortly. Stay tuned. You can use our alternative IP address: to continue use service.

2015-02-21|Categories: News|18 Comments
  • Donation

iCloud DNS Bypass is now accepting Donations

The money will go to support server and development of special Web sites that working only on iCloud locked devices, such as an alarms and a clock, for example.

2015-02-11|Categories: News|339 Comments
  • Development

iCloud DNS Bypass server development history

All started from my iCloud locked iPhone 5C that was bought by me for parts. But it was worked, except iCloud Activation lock. I wanted to unlock it and use as photo camera so I have searched ways to do it.

2015-02-11|Categories: News|926 Comments
  • iCloudDnsBypass00

Now DNS is used only to get Welcome screen

Server update is out! Now DNS is used only to get Welcome screen. Once you there, you can press Home -> Wi-Fi settings and remove DNS field, it will make everything works faster. And you can even connect to another Wi-Fi access points without entering DNS field.

2015-02-10|Categories: News|132 Comments
  • iCloudDnsBypass07

Translate server to your native language

If you want to help translate server to your native language just download this file Unarchieve it, open in notepad, translate all fields right of '=', save it in UTF8 encoding and send to my email:

2015-02-08|Categories: News|3 Comments